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10 questions about diode laser hair removal

1. Who is not suitable for laser hair removal
Because laser hair removal is the use of hair follicles in the pigment to the priority absorption of the treatment, the laser hair removal machines is divided into 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm several wavelengths for different skin color customers, so black skin, in the treatment of possible Also absorb part of the laser energy, which produce some damage to the skin, so laser hair removal is particularly suitable for the kind of white skin and black hair. If the skin is dark, or the skin color is dark, and the hair color is relatively light, should choose 1064nm wavelength of hair removal equipment. Different color of the customer, should choose the appropriate wavelength to safe treatment.

2. Does laser hair removal affect skin function?
Skin has a lot of physiological functions, such as perspiration, regulate body temperature, sensory function, the protection of the body function, absorption and excretion function, immune function and so on. Laser hair removal does not affect these functions of the skin.

3. Is laser hair removal pain? How long will the treatment take
Each hair follicle around a large number of sensory nerves, if the hair follicles received enough laser energy, the body will feel a certain degree of pain, so in order to achieve effective treatment purposes, there will be some pain. In other words, the pain generally means that the treatment is effective, if it is not hurt, means that the energy of the laser is not enough need to re-adjust. So the time to treat the treatment to tell the doctor, this will help the doctor according to your specific circumstances to determine and set the laser treatment parameters, so as to obtain a satisfactory therapeutic effect. But do not be nervous, this pain is completely tolerable, a bit like a small acupuncture, very interesting.
Laser hair removal is very convenient and quick, which is a laser hair removal treatment is one of the very obvious advantages. The length of treatment depends on the size of the area of ​​hair removal, such as the removal of armpit hair only takes only 20-30 minutes.

4. Does laser hair removal achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal?
Specific to the laser hair removal, the treatment of the effect and the number of treatment, the treatment of the interval, the treatment of energy, the body’s individual differences and many other aspects of the decision, in general, the more the number of treatment more likely to achieve long-term The purpose of hair removal, if the number of treatment is too small, the effect of treatment will be temporary. So the effect of long-term hair removal is relative rather than absolute.To generally achieve the purpose of hair removal, a course of treatment 6 is necessary, but also in strict accordance with the doctor told you the time interval for treatment, treatment time can not be separated Too long, otherwise easy to fail. Of course, there are individual hair follicles powerful, although after a very strict treatment of hair removal treatment, there are still a few hair growth, but this time the hair is generally relatively small, similar to hair, does not affect the appearance, if obviously should be a course of treatment Treatment.
Of course, the current method of hair removal in the most reliable method of devaluation laser hair removal, not only safe and the effect is very good, so soon the laser hair removal will swept the world, in fact, many times after a course of hair removal, although after years of hair growth and relapse.

5. What are the factors of hair removal treatment?
Mainly related to the following factors: individual differences in patients very affect the effect of treatment. Performance in different people, the hair growth capacity is also different. In addition the skin color and hair color is also a significant difference, the treatment effect will be different, different parts of the hair follicle response to laser treatment will be different, such as facial hair relative to the armpit hair, the removal of some difficult. And the thickness of the hair on the treatment effect also has a very big impact. From the equipment, different treatment equipment in the treatment of security there are some differences, and the laser light source on the treatment effect will have a very big impact, such as the laser treatment effect is certainly better than the effect of light better. Of course, the experience of doctors is also very important, experienced doctors can accurately grasp the indications and contraindications of treatment, timely adjustment of treatment and to solve or avoid other possible problems.

6. After treatment, pay attention to what
Do not use any other hair removal treatment (including hair removal, plucking, etc.) before treatment (within 1 month), otherwise it will affect the effect of laser hair removal. Do not wash hot water in the hair removal area after 12 hours of hair removal. Attention to the. Of course, depending on your specific situation, the doctor may have other requirements.

7. What season is the best season for hair removal?
Season is not a problem because any season can be done. If you want to wear short skirts or sleeveless sleeves in the summer and do not want those troublesome hair to make you feel embarrassed, you should start in the winter or spring when the laser hair removal treatment, because a course of hair removal treatment about Need 6 times, about 2-3 months to complete. So when you start from the winter, the summer is basically the end of the treatment. Of course the summer treatment is also OK, because the season has almost no effect on hair removal therapy.

8. Can any parts of the hair be removed by laser?
The answer is certainly yes, any part of the excess hair can be removed with a laser. However, there are some differences in the biological behavior of different parts of the hair, the treatment of laser response is also different, so the effect of treatment will be different, the performance of the treatment of the difference.

9. What is freezing point laser hair removal
The current semiconductor hair removal laser is the best performance of all hair removal machine hair removal machine, is ideal for Asian hair removal treatment, because the laser treatment head installed with cooling gems, hair removal when the patient feel cool and comfortable, so part of the ad This laser is rendered as an ice laser or an ice crystal laser to attract the patient, which is just an ad, nothing special.

10. Does laser hair removal affect daily life?
After treatment, the pores of the skin will have some slight edema, manifested as mild redness and edema, but about 2 hours after the complete disappearance, and then no one knows just 2 hours before you made the magic of laser hair removal treatment. So, laser hair removal will not affect your daily life.

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