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1064nm diode laser hair removal for India’s dark skin

I am an indian girl..I have black skin tone and i want to remove hair from others to toe so can you please recommend me which machine is best for me.

The rapid development of laser technology to improve the clinical efficacy of laser hair removal, with a long pulse width of the cooling device, long wavelength laser applications, making laser hair removal can be safe and effective in the application of deep color race, especially in India, At present, the wavelength is mainly used for deep skin color hair removal is 1064nm laser hair removal machine, the wavelength of dark skin off hair more secure.

Deep skin color laser hair removal is more difficult, because the skin contains more melanin, hair follicles in the melanin competition to absorb the laser beam, resulting in epidermal damage blisters, abnormal pigment, scar and other adverse reactions, however. The use of long wavelength, long pulse width and cooling system with the laser can be effectively used for dark skin color of the hair removal. Although emerald and semiconductor lasers are widely used, long pulse width Nd: YAG lasers are considered to be the most safe laser for deep skin color hair removal. Galadari [1] compared the use of emerald, semiconductors, long pulse width Nd: YAG laser treatment of 100 cases of skin Ⅳ ~ Ⅵ type of upper lip and facial hairy. Nd: YAG laser energy density of 30 ~ 120J / cm2, pulse width 9.5ms, spot 5mm, 6 times after treatment 12 months. Hair reduced by 35%. The emerald laser (20 to 40 J / cm: 40 ms) and the semiconductor laser (20 to 40 J / cm2, 40 ms, 9 mm) showed a 40% reduction in hair. These three kinds of laser hair removal effect is equivalent, but Nd: YAG laser adverse reactions such as erythema, surface burns, small atrophy, pigmentation than the other two were significantly smaller. Although Nd: YAG laser is a better device for the treatment of dark skin, but with cooling emerald and semiconductor lasers are also available.
3.1 Long Pulse Green Emerald Laser: Although many studies have shown. Long pulse green emerald laser hair removal safe and effective. But for the deep color race should still be cautious. Adverse reactions and complications are unpredictable, so multiple high-energy density treatments are required to achieve satisfactory results.

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