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hair removal machine at home and beauty salon’s hair removal machines difference

Beautiful spring came, the trouble of women also came, the excess hair to prevent the beautiful show, so hair loss has become a major problem to restore the beautiful, now facing hair removal there are two, one is home hair removal equipment, a professional beauty institutions Of the laser hair removal machine, in the end is a good household hair removal instrument or a professional mechanism of laser hair removal device. In order to let everyone choose a reasonable, the following advantages and disadvantages of both for your reference:
The two most important is the difference between power and energy.
Home hair removal device
A machine can do multiple parts, the price than to the professional hair removal agencies do cheap.
Disadvantages: wavelength represents the penetration of the skin, the short penetration of short penetration, light is only absorbed by the epidermis, can not reach the target hair follicle deep for treatment. Dark skin, the adverse effects of optical hair removal is relatively large, improper operation may cause blisters, pigmentation or scar, do their own home, if there is a mistake, easy to burn the skin or pigmentation problems, you need to adjust their own light . Home hair removal device lamp cap area is too small, not suitable for large area hair removal, take a long time and treatment cycle from the effect point of view, home hair removal instrument is a kind of ordinary low-energy light, a certain hair removal, but off Not clean, little effect, home hair removal instrument energy is not enough, most of the hair follicles can not absorb enough heat, hair follicles and will not be destroyed, so hair removal effect is not good. Let alone to achieve the effect of permanent hair.

Professional body laser hair removal device
Beauty salon hair removal equipment can be done permanently hair removal, painless hair removal, vary, experience better, as well as the role of rejuvenation. If you want to see the results quickly to the beauty salon. Diode laser hair removal machine is used in a highly concentrated concentration of hair removal laser, more than 90% of the hair follicles can absorb enough heat to destroy, hair removal effect is more clean. Generally after 5-6 times of treatment, can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, the skin will also become white and shiny, which is home small hair removal machine unparalleled effect.
Treatment prices are more expensive. Depending on the treatment of different parts, different prices.

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