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Correct hair removal steps and precautions

Principle of laser hair removal:
Diode laser hair removal is the most effective way of a permanent hair removal, according to a reasonable regulation of a specific wavelength of light, irradiation to the skin surface can penetrate to the hair follicle roots, hair follicles in the melanin fully absorb the energy of light, and heat In the case of normal skin tissue without damage to the sweat glands and the hair follicle to produce a series of damage, mild hair follicles and surrounding stem cells to lose activity, to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, it can be a large area of ​​cool and painless off the excess hair, effectively protect the surrounding Skin, so that beauty can painless, permanent rapid hair removal.

Why laser hair removal is not a one-time?
The hair of the body actually contains the hair of different periods, and the role of laser hair removal is also in the growth period of the retreat period, the stationary period of hair no significant effect, only the hair into the growth period after the laser to work, so the laser Hair removal requires multiple treatments, the effect can be obvious.
Laser hair removal treatment time is very short, about half an hour will be able to complete treatment, so will not delay a lot of time, medical experts also remind you that the laser hair removal is based on the hair growth cycle for treatment, generally 5-6 times Can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Generally also will not rebound.

After laser hair removal will not grow again
Laser hair removal will be in the long hair, the general hair removal will be in accordance with the number of your hair and area to determine the number of laser surgery, the more the number of times, and finally grow the hair less faint, to the last almost no impact To the appearance, but there will be some small hair grow out.

Before hair removal Note:
1. Should be confirmed that the skin without injury, swelling and other strange situation, if not sure, please consult a professional doctor.
2. Two weeks before laser treatment can not be exposed to the skin, because the skin after exposure to laser hair removal is likely to burn the skin, so that the skin redness, blistering.
3. Hair removal should not be done two weeks before the treatment of plucking, beeswax hair removal and electrolytic hair removal. Otherwise, the laser, photon hair removal does not work.
4. Do not use hair removal cream, hair removal cream and other cosmetics before hair removal.
5. During the course of treatment through the skin when the laser has a certain sense of warm, this is a normal phenomenon.

After hair removal Note:
1. After the laser hair removal surgery within 1-2 weeks after the sun can not be exposed, in particular, do not swim in the afternoon, because the water absorption of ultraviolet light after the reflection is more intense, easy to damage the skin; hair removal should not use more than 37 ℃ heat Water bath, after the bath after the use of lotion skin effect will be better.
2. Laser hair removal should pay attention to protect the wound, and keep dry and clean, do not hand or other things to squeeze hair removal after the skin appears red spots, or prone to wound infection, over time will slowly disappear , Do not worry too much. In addition, do not use hot water to wash hair removal parts, or skin irritation, local swelling and infection.
3. Note the use of skin care after laser hair removal
After the laser hair removal surgery, the skin will become sensitive, 3 days is best not to use hair removal in the hair removal parts, skin care products, after the skin will be used to stimulate smaller, mild cleaning products, skin care products, so as not to stimulate the skin , Causing inflammation.
4. Note the dressing after laser hair removal
The skin through the laser hair removal surgery will become very fragile, hair removal after the skin pores in the expansion of the state, susceptible to pigment, but also vulnerable to stimulation, so wear frivolous or dirty clothes do not wear, or will cause a wound inflammation.
5. Note the diet after laser hair removal
Do not eat spicy food, such as pepper, pepper, pepper, ginger, mustard and so on, so as not to affect the recovery of hair removal parts, you can eat vitamin c tablets, or intake of rich Vitamin C with vitamin C, such as broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, kiwi, lemon, etc., vitamin C can improve skin resistance, help whitening skin, reduce pigment generation.

Laser hair removal clinical results:
After 3 to 5 times of treatment, more than 95% of the cases 80% of the hair off, hair becomes less, more fine, lighter color, slower growth. If only 1-2 times a course is out of date, all cases prove that 30% to 50% of the hair is reduced.

Laser hair removal steps:

1.Preparation of skin: that is, with a one-time hair removal knife treatment parts of the body sweat all scraping, in the hair removal, the light can be Mao root “uprooted.” In preparation before the skin, to maintain the hair removal of the cleanliness to ensure the effect.

2.Cooling Gels:There will be cooling, cooling effect of the gel applied to the hair removal site, in order to maximize the protection of the skin, hair loss in the process of discomfort to a minimum. You can even apply the appropriate amount of gel, to be hair removal, together to accept the light “intimate contact” to achieve the role of compact skin.

3.Clean: Gently scrape off the gel, and rinse with water, and then cleaned, quickly give the skin replenishment, and coated with sunscreen. After a week of hair removal, do not use soap and other basic toiletries to take a bath.

4.Freezing point hair removal: Evenly in the hair removal at the repeated contact, so that the light on the roots of sweat thoroughly “encirclement and suppression.” When the intensity of light to strengthen, the skin will feel more and more intense. Light wave use different, each time the hair removal area and pain are different: freezing point hair removal area is relatively large, no pain.

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