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The difference between diode laser hair removal and traditional hair removal

Physical hair removal:
Removal method: use tweezers to remove excess hair. Easy to operate, no cost, but remove the hair when the local pain is obvious. According to the structure of the hair, the removal method does not fundamentally destroy the hair of the hair ball part .3 weeks later, will grow again. The method is the easiest method of hair removal, but is generally not used in large areas of hair removal. In addition, repeated plucking will not only cause hair follicle allergic reactions.
To remove the body hair with a razor or a special wiping device. The method is simple, fast, but also in addition to remove the hair dry part, scraping the skin easily injured, infection is one of its shortcomings. Therefore, although the scraping method has always been a male choice of both safe and effective facial hair removal methods, but rarely favored by women.
Chemical hair removal:
Hair removal cream hair removal
People will be common in the hair removal method has depilatory cream, through the softening and ointment absorption, can make hair off their own. Mainly the use of chemical agents, and these agents for the skin will have some damage, but also bring people to varying degrees of physical damage, after all, the ointment will be absorbed by the body, full of chemical agents will have a certain impact. Can easily get rid of a lot of hair are not radical, but the effect of chemical corrosion out. After a period of time, in the old place will still grow new hair, and compared to the previous may be more lush, this is the biggest trouble, but also many people do not want to see.

Chemical hair removal has a lot of taboos:
1, before use to do skin sensitive test, depilatory creams containing chemicals may cause skin irritation, sensitive body of people with caution.
2, before using the skin should be cleaned to reduce the stimulus.
3, when the hair removal cream will be evenly applied to the site to hair removal, 5-10 minutes after the hair becomes soft, with a scraper to scratch the net.
4, can not be used frequently, the physiological period should not be used.
Beeswax hair removal:
When used to feel pain, chemical composition is also relatively strong, easy to stimulate the skin, improper use easily lead to large pores loose skin. Isolating with beeswax is a very painful thing. Also very cumbersome, in the day before the hair removal to remember to do allergy test.

Whether it is physical or chemical, in the complex degree, the growth cycle and the degree of skin irritation, the traditional hair removal program is not the best and effective.

Laser hair removal is the most popular in the past few years in the major beauty salon hair removal method, is currently the most effective and most safe way of hair removal.Laser hair removal is based on selective photothermal principle, through the reasonable adjustment of laser wavelength, energy, pulse Wide, the laser can pass through the skin surface to reach the root hair follicle hair, light can be absorbed and transformed into the destruction of hair follicle tissue heat, so that hair loss of regeneration, while not damage the surrounding tissue, slightly pain. Laser hair removal using the laser “selective photothermal effect”, with the mediation to a specific wavelength of laser through the epidermis, direct exposure to hair follicles. Hair follicles, hair dry melanin selectively absorb light energy, the resulting thermal effect of hair follicle necrosis, hair will no longer grow.

Advantages of laser epilator:
1. Clinical multi-case test results show that laser hair removal is all hair removal method in the pain is relatively small a hair removal method.
2. Laser hair removal is very thorough, the use of laser can penetrate deep to the dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, the role of different parts of the depth of hair follicles, to effectively remove any part of the body’s depth hair.
3. Laser hair removal is not hurt the epidermis.
4. Laser hair removal after the pigmentation is very close to our skin.
5. Laser hair removal speed.
6. Laser hair removal treatment process is simple and fast.

The Laser Hair Removal Program has proven to be the most effective and safe in the worldwide clinical case, and the choice of an experienced physician and a high quality laser hair removal machine is the most noteworthy.Oriental-Laser CO., LTD The laser industry has a leading technology, is the leader in laser hair removal equipment. Select Oriental-Laser, with beautiful.

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